What do MUN students do after committee?

  1. Get smoothies!   2.Dress down!  3.  Work till 4:00 am and get to tefillah by 7:25 am, dressed in business wear!

Working it!

Unfortunately , we were not able to go to the Brazilian embassy as they were hosting an event for International Women’s Day. We had a wonderful tefillah with heartfelt encouragement from Mr Griffith, thoughtful words of strategy and advice from our presidents and a rousing pep talk from Joey Schrayer, ending in the MUN chant! They burst through the door ready to work,

Late Start Wednesday!

After a LONG day on Tuesday we slept in! We had tefillah at 9:45 in the Lincoln room, quick breakfast bagels, then off to anNBC studio tour. We saw the Saturday Night Live studio and Lester Holt’s as well as others. The really fun part was getting a chance to make our own late night talk show tape. We made 3 separate broadcasts. I’ll send the other links as they become available.



Exploring New York

After a delicious kosher dinner, delegates and chaperones split into two groups in the subway station; some went to SoHo and some went to Chinatown. After exploring the shops and streets of Chinatown, most students chose to walk to Soho, exhibiting remarkable stamina for kids who had gathered at O’Hare airport at 4:15 that morning!

MUN goes to MoMA

Since we are representing Brazil we went to MoMA to see a special exhibit of work by Brazilian modernist Tarsila do Amaral.  She was particularly interested in developing a unique style that was cubist but represented the culture of Brazil.  We had a chance to interact with some very famous modern art, including Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

The MUN jinx strikes again!

We were strapped in.  We watched the safety video.  We never made it out of the gate!  A mechanical failure grounded us. We clambered back to the terminal, dashed to another gate, restrapped, watched another video and we are headed to the runway!  The veteran delegates assured the rookies that it always takes at least 2 tries to get to the conference, and it is usually accompanied by a severe weather event. MUN is not for the faint hearted. But the veterans also noted that every time we’ve been delayed, we’ve won!  Maybe it’s not a jinx?