We’re on Our Way Home

D8824850-FEB6-4DEC-899E-FA93666CD74CB5917CF9-9A4E-4E00-B192-E1DA2F1BF0D2.jpegA75DDFBF-FCAB-43C4-B686-FB2664620D3E7B9655DA-0516-4B59-B589-C17D260097612A140BA1-B6FD-4793-8735-1B47446D700A.jpeg876ACA74-812E-4232-BDDF-870DE4AEF5EB.jpeg554F814E-7AA8-4EBE-A6D8-9D4E1D0EF4F23DC93EF2-031C-4627-83A8-C36F0AAEDB9CSince we had to meet at 4:15 this morning to leave for the airport and our team “closing ceremony” lasted until midnight, many of the kids chose to stay up all night. They still looked positively chipper as they streamed out of the elevators.  I’m guessing they’ll be a little groggy in class tomorrow however.  I know for certain that we will all be delighted to see the happy faces of parents at O’Hare. Thanks so much for cheering us on!



Yes! In addition to the team getting the top award of distinction, Eli Nasatir placed third in his committee, Joey Schrayer placed second, and Ethan Laney placed first in their respective committees. We had eighteen delegates chosen to speak at the plenary session at the UN. Our students delivered their closing speeches from the podium where so much history been made. It bodes very well for the future!

Our speakers were Ethan Laney, Livia Moses, Brian Silverstein, Rachel Hochberg, Sean Dreifuss, Shachar Rosenblatt, Rachel Cope, Ben Lesch, Matt Weiss, Betsy Winick, Maya Scholder , Max Pivo, Shai Sklar, Jason Ross, David Levin, Maytal Meisler, and Daniel Taitz and Carly Winick. Bravo to all!

Pray, Work, Pray; it’s Friday!

Tefillah was at a very early 7:25, followed by the first committee meeting st 9. The delegates are deeply engaged in their work. This afternoon is the final opportunity to make proposals and compromises.

After the final session we will walk to shul for shabbas, which we will celebrate with a Jewish team from Florida, the Posnack school.

Tomorrow promises to be an extraordinary day starting with a trip to the UNITED NATIONS, followed by lunch at the shul with our Florida friends.  Since the sun is supposed to shine, we are planning on spending the afternoon in Central Park.  A trip to Times Square, and a pizza 🍕 party 🎉 will round out the day.

Working it!

Unfortunately , we were not able to go to the Brazilian embassy as they were hosting an event for International Women’s Day. We had a wonderful tefillah with heartfelt encouragement from Mr Griffith, thoughtful words of strategy and advice from our presidents and a rousing pep talk from Joey Schrayer, ending in the MUN chant! They burst through the door ready to work,